You Know What’s Attractive?

Someone who appears to have it figured out.
Someone who seems like they know what they’re doing.
Someone who doesn’t give a fuck about what others think.
Someone who’s on a mission to achieve their dreams.
Someone who “shouldn’t be disturbed.”
Someone who’s on fire.
These are the people that attract and draw the audience that WANTS to be around them. Are you one of them?
Chances are the answer is no… And that’s okay because you can be.
The question is: “What lights your fire?”

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Celebrating Progress

2 blogs in 2 days!

It may not be overwhelmingly impressive to you, but for me this post is a GIANT step toward my goal of writing something worth sharing every single day. Continue reading

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The More, The Better

The more I exercise, the better I feel both mentally and physically.

The more I remind myself to be conscious, the more I live in the moment and the better aware I am of my surroundings.

The more positive thoughts I have, the better (more positive) thoughts I have.

The more I read, the better (faster) I get at reading and the “smarter” I feel.

The more I explain what Oh! Social is, the better I get at explaining it.

The more I floss, the more I actually get grossed out by what’s stuck in my teeth so the more I want to floss and the better (cleaner) my teeth are.

It took me a while, but I finally figured out that by actively repeating the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that actually drive me to want to think, feel, and behave in MORE of those ways I can change myself for the “better” (My personal definition of better for myself).

The key has been figuring out:
1) What do I do/think that makes me feel better/energizes me?

2) How do I actually do/think it more often? 

Unfortunately, the same applies to negativity and without being conscious of which actions/thoughts trigger which emotions it can be a very slippery slope into a deep, dark depression. I’ve been there.

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